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HELLO Readers, Writers, and Arithmetic-ers,

 Welcome to the homepage of suspense thriller writer, Anne J. Sharp. If you arrived here with purpose and volition, you and I likely have a few things in common.


With a deep love for strange, dark, and psychologically disturbing storytelling - I am especially drawn to stories that challenge our perceptions and question the workings of the human mind.


Villains and grey characters, or anti-heros, are my passion. These characters are often more relatable than the pristine hero archetypes. Many of us have been labeled villains, a time or three, in the past -  unjust and unfair judgements, of course. Not surprising, writers are made through their experiences and often at the hands of our bretheren. Good or bad.


So, we brew coffee, create characters, and tell their karmic stories...


My inspiration for writing within the thriller genre is credited to greats like Dean Koontz, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and the mighty Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. I never tire of their work.



My upcoming novel, Billy the Grim, hits the sweet spot, telling the story of a dead man, Billy Morrison, condemned to roam the earth as a Grim Reaper, until called to his reckoning - where his final fate will be determined. When Billy answers a summoning for the Angel of Death, he soon finds himself on a mission to retrieve a holy treasure. Thrust back into the realm of the living, Billy quickly learns the redemption assignment is not the simple task he anticipates. With the life of a woman he loves at risk, and stuck inside a body he has no control of, Billy must utilize his limited capabilities to stop a madman, rescue the innocent, and retreive the relic before his time is up. 


Aside from my passion for writing, I dunk worms, travel, tend my herd (3 cats & 3 dogs), skywatch, read books by indie authors, play poker, watch sci-fi, thrillers, fantasy, and documentaries , and hang out with my family.

I'm also busy on Instagram ,@a_sharp_thrillers, and Facebook, @annejsharp. Sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop on upcoming events, Thriller Autopsy blog posts, and more.


I hope you'll join me for some

thrills and shrills!

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Thriller Autopsy

Join me and my sidekick, Mike, for a chilling good time on the blog. We discuss writing thrillers, suspense, supernatural and other weird and interesting topics. 


The Golden Pen is the blogging segment dedicated to writers over 50. The goal is to build a community focused on building confidence, skills, and support for mature writers new to the writing world. The terrain and outlook for writers over fifty is somewhat different. Together we can make it an experience that works on our terms and meets our particular needs.


The Big Boom portion of the blog consists of articles relating to personal observations and opinions from author Anne J. Sharp in relation to current events and topics.

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