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HELLO Readers, Writers, and Thriller Fans!

Welcome to the homepage of suspense thriller writer, Anne J. Sharp. If you arrived here with purpose and volition, you and I likely have a few things in common.

A Villainous Writer

With an affinity for strange, dark, and psychologically disturbing storytelling - I am especially drawn to stories that challenge our perceptions and question the workings of the human mind. If it weren't for a love of books and writing I would have become a psychologist. 


Villains and grey characters, or anti-heroes, are fascinating perhaps because they are a complex mix of incongruities, mystery, and unpredictability. They are often more relatable than the pristine hero because they are a reflection of humanity's reality.

So, I drink sweet and frothy cups of coffee, create strange, wonderful  and frightening characters, and tell their karmic stories...


Inspiration for writing suspense thrillers is credited to greats like Dean Koontz, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and the mighty Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. As well as a few real-life sociopaths. 


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A Supernatural Suspense Thriller for 2024!
Image by engin akyurt

On Blog

Join me and my sidekick, Mike, for a chilling good time on the blog. We discuss writing thrillers, suspense, supernatural and other weird and interesting topics. 

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