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About Me

Hi, I'm Anne, a writer of supernatural suspense shrillers  (as I call them, illegally using an adjective as a noun!).I have a fascination for dark, weird, and out of this world subject matter. It all started with the old 1960's television series Dark Shadows. So scary for my toddler mind at the time, and nothing like Johnny Depp's campy version. Then came the original Star Trek series, with William Shatner. It was then, in 1969ish, that my parents were certain they had a strange child on their hands. Ha!

This website is new, having written under a pseudonym, Joan Wiley, for a few years. However, since retiring from the U.S. Government, options have changed. I no longer have the need to hide in the shadows afraid Big Daddy government is going to fire me, smash down my door - who knows what. Hip-hip for freedom!


I have fun plans for readers and writers alike, including a writing competition and reader reward sweekstakes! I will be feeling out opinions on my ideas in the future, and hope you'll give your feedback. Be sure to vote on various polls, and check in for the latest results! 


 The Thriller Autopsy Blog, is starting up! There you will find interesting stories, fact or fiction stuff, about supernatural/paranormal, and other weird, sometimes frightening things to discuss. Leave comments, or if you don't have a comment - you can always ask my sidekick, Mike, a question. He loves the attention! Forewarning: He can be a bit crass.

Aside from writing, I enjoy fishing, traveling, tending my herd (3 cats & 3 dogs), skywatching, reading, playing poker, singing, dancing, and mostly hanging out with my hubby and family.

You can also follow me on Instagram as

a_sharp_thrillers,  or Facebook as annejsharp. If you click the button below, you can sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop on upcoming events, Thriller Autopsy blog posts, and more!

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